Ordering Prints

Order prints by the number on the left corner of the respective print. Decide on the size of the print you wish and if you want it matted or unmated. Matted prints our sent with both an acid-free matt and an acid-free backing. 
PRICES per print for standard sizes. Sizes may vary (see below).
     8X10: $150.00
    10X14: $250.00
    16X20: $400.00
    20X24: $650.00
These sizes are approximate since some images are cropped and so might be slightly smaller or larger of length or width.
Standard full frame images are proportionate to slightly different sizes but will be priced according to the closest corresponding standard size above. I strongly suggest you let me know how large an image you want for where you intend to hang it.  Your selected image(s) will determine its maximum size.


Or, text message to: 1-415-264-6209 (or call)